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To 3G or 4G that is the question

EE have launched their first Pay As Go 4G service for mobile broadband devices.


So with shiny new LTE dongle purchased, and me playing the game of trying to be firm but polite to the nice call centre worker in India going through all the options to try and keep me as a Three customer (no I don’t want to wait for Three’s 4G network, no I wouldn’t like a new tablet or laptop, no there isn’t anyone in my family I’d like to transfer the contract to…)

As I start writing this I am in the 30day countdown to the end of my Three mobile broadband contract.

So cost wise I’ve established that it makes little difference, and as long as the tariffs on offer don’t change in three months time it’ll cost me less.

But what about performance, so lets do some compare and contrast Three’s 3G network with my E112 dongle, vs EE’s 4G network with a Alcatel xxx dongle.


Manchester Piccadilly Lunch time (3):


Manchester Piccadilly Tea time (EE)

Failsworth, tea time:

Levenshulme (EE)

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