My monthly ‘recommended reading’ collections, a collection of stories I’d shared via Twitter has somewhat reduced over recent years. So on the off chance that there’s someone who will find it useful I’m going ahead with this the sum of last years posts.

I’m doing more ‘reposting’ rather than creating original tweets, so I’ve included direct links below as it seems that the ’embed post’ widget is not working reliably – and who knows what future changes will be made.

Naturally there’s no guarantee the original webpages will still be there in future years (if any of the links below have strikethrough it means the broken links plugin I’m running on the site has flagged it as dead!)

Direct Link: “Failure to Engage – Why is the BBC Not Required to Consult?”

Radio Today: Radio professionals are sharing the sad news that long-serving radio programmer Paul Easton has died at the age of 69

David Lloyd: I spent an hour today with Rhodri Talfan Davies, BBC Director of Nations, probing the local radio madness….

Direct Link: RØDE launches mini RØDECaster Pro II at NAB Show in Las Vegas

So on the whole not a very long list! The peak of my tweeting these days seems to be when I’ve gone to conferences and events, where I should make more effort to write up a proper summary – again on the basis that posts on Twitter/X are not that easy to discover when they are more than a few days old.

Header Photo by Maxim Ilyahov on Unsplash