If you are one of the lucky (or perhaps unlucky) people in my contacts lists you may have seen something like this already, but as I know all sorts of people stumble across this blog while surfing the information superhighway, here’s what you could have received:


From: ME!


Now I just know that you’re eager to hear about a recent initiative by Oldham Council to “help us all to feel proud of our neighbourhoods and to bring communities together…..” how to do this? Well have a Photography competition of course!

What’s this got to do with you I hear you ask? Well stick with me for a moment.

A short-list of 6 photographs from over 1,000 entered has been drawn up and the eventual winner is decided by a public vote which can be cast here:
or alternatively on Facebook by ‘liking’ your photo here:

The photo with the highest number of votes will win.

May I suggest that it would be a fab idea if you voted in this competition and if I could steer your “voting” and “liking” toward the picture entitled “Floral Display” by a certain photographer by the name of Phil Edmonds would be very nice indeed.

The forwarding of this message to your friends and family is also encouraged. As is giving me stick in return for sending this spam like e-mail in a blatant attempt at bolstering my votes.

“Act quickly while stocks last…” voting closes at midnight.



I’ll report back at the results once I find them out!


Photo Credits: “Oldham Floral Display” by Phil Edmonds