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DAB my radio? Did I spill something on it?

TX-RaysTurn the clock back to 1995 if you where listening to BBC Radio 4, then your choices to tune into would be FM or AM. Until those clever engineering types at the BBC, for this was, just, still in the days of auntie doing engineering in-house, turned on some new fangled box of tricks called ‘DAB Transmitters’. As with all good new technologies no one, bar the bearded types in the lab, had any receivers to pick up these new broadcasts.

So to explain this to the masses cue David Witherow (then BBC’s DAB Project Manager), Paul Robinson (BBC strategy review committee) and Gillian Reynolds (newspaper columnist) being put forward to make sense of this new technology and do a bit of future gazing on Radio 4’s “Mediumwave” programme.

So recorded onto the what now seems the antiquated medium of a trusty TDK D90 cassette in the “ghetto blaster” and now nearly two decades later dubbed to MP3 for your pleasure, how much of the promise did we actually get? Your comments welcome below or via your social network of choice.

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Photo Credits: “TX-Rays” by Phil Edmonds
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