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Caroline North Remembered

23760017 If you believe a certain Christopher England the 6th July 2014 is the 50th Anniversary of  The Forgotten Radio Caroline North. Meanwhile Wikipedia says the anniversary might be next Sunday 13th July.

Whichever way this month sees the half a century mark, so for this edition of ‘Sound Archives’ I’ve gone for a Caroline related item.

This recording turns the clock back to May 1996, a show whose inspiration came from Radio Caroline North. The show was called ‘The Weekend Wing Ding’, the DJ Brian Cullen and was broadcast on Marcher Gold and Marcher Coast FM.

It seems that this show still lives today on Community Radio station in Wrexham Calon FM, on his profile on the Calon FM site Cullen gives some background:

‘The Weekend Wing Ding’ was originally hosted by D.J Mick Luvzit on board the first offshore radio station in the UK ‘Radio Caroline North’… Having spent most of my working life in radio i have been privileged to meet with some of those original jocks including Mick Luvzit! He gave me his blessing to continue with the show title’

In this recording Cullen is joined by Irish DJ Kenny Tosh to reminisce about Caroline and some of the Irish pirates. This was recorded from Marcher Coast FM, thus is not perfect quality as it was recorded many miles outside the 96.3 TSA in Oldham.

Download Brian Cullen Weekend Wing Ding with Kenny Tosh MP3

Finally, yes, I do know that the picture I’ve got is the ‘wrong’ Caroline ship, but was the only suitably licensed Caroline photo I could find.


Photo Credits: “23760017” by Paul Easton
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