28/10/2008 (Day 2.302) - Poor ReceptionMoving on from the last edition of ‘Sound Archive’ I’m sticking with the Pirate Radio theme with an interesting piece about the curiously named Dutch Pirate Radio Service based not in the heart of Holland, but Preston in North West England.

This is a segment from an edition of Radio Netherlands Media Network programme in 1996. This was prior to the internet becoming main stream and people actually did listen to broadcasts from foreign parts in quality like this on Short Wave, and send letters in the post.

This features talks to Derek Taylor who ran ‘DPRS’ who acted as a mail forwarding service for various Dutch based Medium Wave pirates.

Download Media Network – 1996 – Derek Taylor – Dutch Pirate Radio service feature.mp3

I honestly can’t remember if this recording was made from Short Wave or Medium Wave as there was a period in the 1990’s where Radio Netherlands had a Medium Wave service aimed at Europe using if I recall correctly the Russian Kaliningrad 1386kHz transmitter, whichever way it makes you wonder if anyone growing up today would listen to audio like this in a world of being able to stream audio from across the globe and not tell the difference between that and your local radio service.

I dare say that there is a chance that Jonathan Marks will have already posted a studio quality version of the programme this came from in his Media Network Vintage Vault, but sending you there rather removes the nostalgic nature of the old time AM radio listening experience.


This is another in my Sound Archive Series


Photo Credits: “28/10/2008 (Day 2.302) – Poor Reception” by Kaptain Kobold