The ratings where dropping, a new radical larger than life personality was needed to turn around BBC Radio One’s fortunes. Enter the new “saviour of breakfast radio”, love him or hate him, he’s delivering the goods.

But what happens when he gets too big for his own good and the inevitable happens – it’s time to go?

What’s the real story behind the departure of the host of Britain’s biggest breakfast show?

How will the station cope with finding a replacement to fill the enviable boots of the departing DJ?

What’s next for the ex-host, will he still be a household name on Television? Commercial Radio? Maybe even a few years down the line Radio Two?

Where better to find the inside scoop than over on Radio Four, where they have a programme looking at all things media related, including Chris’ departure from the Radio One flagship morning show.

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Yes it’s the story of the moment, Nick Grimshaw taking over the Radio One breakfast reins from Chris Moyles.

But wind the clock back fifteen and a half years and the same scenario was playing out, it’s not ‘The Media Show’ which is doing the analysis, but the curiously entitled ‘Medium Wave’ programme, the nineties equivalent, albeit with a larger budget I’d guess airing regular packages in addition to studio discussions. In this clip from a January 1997 edition the subject of discussion is not Moyles, but Evans.

It’s fascinating to compare the similarities and difference from then and now. Will a similar wait of thirteen years till 2025 be needed till we hear Chris Moyles on the Radio Two breakfast show, or will he go the way of the other comparison drawn in this programme, that of Simon Dee and disappear into obscurity?


Photo Credits: “Mic Dead” by Phil Edmonds