A couple of weeks ago I said that I would post on a more regular basis some interesting “links and bits”, so here we go again.


Things to view

Although Ryan Drean recorded this video as a spin off from his voiceovers and imaging production podcast, this youtube video Social Media For the Media Professional is recommended for anyone in a radio station doing social media, it’s rather lengthy and an audio version would probably work just as well, but the content is worth it.


Things to read

James Cridland  on radio in iplayer app – James quotes the BBC line of “radio programmes are not supported in BBC iPlayer just yet, but we are working on this” – though with a UK Radio Player mobile app in the pipeline I do wonder if this may be a reason for radio taking the backseat in the beebs own app.

A post on the One Golden Square blog and a link over on Media UK discussions leading to a projects called Open OB has lead me to all sorts of geeky reading up on open source audio codecs CELT and OPUS, the only problem with these sorts of things is that they are highly reliant on the ‘tech heads’ – replacing expensive commercial codecs with free software is a nice idea, but there’s still a long way to go to match the ease of use for your average non engineer type.


Things I’ve done

Figured out how the ‘author by-lines‘ in google search results work (so my blog articles now come with a hopefully not to frightening mug shot of me in search results.)

Found out that google+ api doesn’t allow remote posting of articles (so no automation of new post announcements over on google+)

Pondered what happened to the footbridge across the main road at the top of Frederick Road in Salford, which I noticed this week had vanished.