This year I am carrying out a ‘Photo 365’ Project, where each day I publish a new photo on my Flickr page.

The pictures I am posting will either have been taken on the actual day or recently, or from my collection of older photos which I think have some artistic merit.

Click on the thumbnails below to view a larger version from my March selection, or scroll down for commentary on the images.


Mar 01

A nice spring time shot in Oldham Town Centre, nice contrast with the flowers in the foreground, with the bear branches of the tree in the background.


Mar 02

Sunset over Manchester, taken from a train approaching Manchester Piccadilly in the early evening, I really like the cloud formations and the red glow over the silhouette of the buildings.


Mar 03

This one is a snap I took several years ago, I just thought that the hand made sign was quite amusing. This was taken in 2007 in the racks rooms of Northants 96. The station, and whole studio complex has now closed, being merged into the regional ‘Heart’ operation elsewhere, there is a slight edit on this picture to blur the dynotape label with the phone number on (just in case said number still routes to somewhere in the global radio empire).


Mar 04

Close up of what in some technical peoples minds should be filed under ‘Vintage Technology – but as it still works.


Mar 05

Sunset on the Norfolk Broads, I like the reflection of the sunset in the water.


Mar 06

Similar vantage in the daytime.


Mar 07

Another sunset, looking over Oldham and Manchester from high vantage point.


Mar 08

This is another old picture, taken in 2004, of Gallery Oldham before the rest of the library and Life Long learning centre was built behind it.


Mar 09

Inside the conservatory in Alexandra Park, Oldham. I particularly like the angle of this to highlight the architecture.


Mar 10

Another view taken in Alexandra Park, Oldham, of the boating lake.


Mar 11

Just a nice little water feature shot.


Mar 12

Entrance to a block of flats in Wythenshawe, Manchester. I like the reflection of the glass next to the entrance and the fencing.


Mar 13

I snapped this pretty much in amazement that the windows were being washed by abseiling man.


Mar 14

A close up of some vintage 1970s era electronics.


Mar 15

Another close up of some vintage 1970s era electronics.


Mar 16

By way of comparison some 21st century electronics in close up. Special bonus points if you can identify what kit the past three pictures are from.


Mar 17

Portland Tower in City Centre Manchester, looking quite imposing on a slightly overcast day.


Mar 18

Time for a nice spring time walk in the woods and snap some pictures in Tandle Hill Park Oldham, there is a year round blanket of leaves on the ground, with the sun shining through the branches giving a slight silhouette effect on the trees.


Mar 19

Out of the woods and looking out over towards Oldham and further in the distance the Cheshire plains. Yet again I selected this one for the cloud formation.


Mar 20

A couple of shots of what I think is one of the better mainline stations for architecture, mixing the classic and modern redevelopment.  This being Manchester Piccadilly. Here on a sunny day the natural light highlights the trains nicely.


Mar 21

Another picture of Manchester Piccadilly, I think these have turned out reasonably well to say they where taken on a mobile phone camera.


Mar 22

A couple more mobile phone snaps, a roof top view across the city centre, looking towards Deansgate from the Royal Exchange theatre building.


Mar 23

Another roof top view, looking towards the Cathedral, with the Arena and Strangeways visible in the distance.  I should have the opportunity in the future to get some similar pictures taken with a proper camera, which will be nice.


March 24

This aerial view I took a few years back, taking in the view from the roof of Mancat / The Manchester College building in Moston, Manchester.


Mar 25

It’s springtime with lines of daffodils by the road side. These actually looked a lot better in real life than this photo does.


Mar 26

More springtime flowers taken in the grounds of The Manchester College’s Openshaw campus.


Mar 27

Artistic illustration of ProTools software in use on a Apple iMac


Mar 28

I always find that train stations are good for opportunities for nice photo taking, other than by lurking round platforms with a camera people may think I’m a train spotter – which I’m not, more of a train station spotter I suppose. This is a lovely shot of rusty steps on the bridge at Ashburys station just outside of Manchester.


Mar 29

“Keep feet clear of Yellow Lines” sign on escalator coming up from underground railway platform at Liverpool Lime Street. I was particularly pleased at the outcome of this as a spare of the moment “I bet that would make a good picture” thought and snap on the phone camera.


March 30

Close up of mixing desk controls – just a nice close up nothing more.


March 31

A long exposure shot of flashing LEDs on an Inovonics audio processor, although the specifics of the device doesn’t really matter it just turns out as a nice abstract photo.


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