This year I am carrying out a ‘Photo 365’ Project (or should it actually be a Photo 366!), where each day I publish a new photo on my Flickr page.

The pictures I am posting will either have been taken on the actual day or recently, or from my collection of older photos which I think have some artistic merit.

Click on the thumbnails below to view a larger version from my February selection, or scroll down for commentary on the images.



Feb 01

All good equipment racks should have lots of ‘flashing lights’ to impress non technical viewers, and panic the engineers when they notice that the lights which should be lit are not. This is an attempt to capture the glow of such lights in a darkened room, though it hasn’t turned out as well as I’d hoped.


Feb 02

Another one from my collection of pictures I took around the ‘Oldham Loop Line’ on it’s closure. This is a close up of a sign at Oldham Mumps station.


Feb 03

Another detail shot of the former Oldham Mumps rail station.

Feb 04

The former Oldham Mumps rail station – which has now been demolished as the line has been converted to Metrolink.


Feb 05

Just to prove there was snow on February 5th 2012.


Feb 06

Snow again, but from December 2009, this is Oldham Werneth station – post line closure, thus the un-cleared tracks. I particularly like the Orange glow on the housing in the distance.


Feb 07

Another one in the snow theme. Snow was falling when this one was taken, although it doesn’t show up as clear as I’d like.


Feb 08

A couple more on a rail theme now. This one from February 2012, taken from the end of the platform as Asburys station looking towards Manchester City Centre. In the distance Beetham Tower, Manchester tallest building looks positively tiny, although notably larger than the other towers blocks in the city centre, such as City Tower (formally Sunley Tower) next to Piccadily Gardens at the far right of the photograph.


Feb 09

Again from Ashburys station, more detail on the rail tracks and overhead power lines on this one.


Feb 10

Back street in Manchester City Centre, imposing old buildings which look like they haven’t changed in decades, possibly why this is one of the streets which you see Gene Hunt driving his Ford Cortina down in the ‘Life On Mars’ TV series. For those who played the ‘spot the non 70’s fixtures’ in said series, the NCP car park backing onto Piccadilly at the far end of the street in picture is also spotted in Life on Mars.


Feb 11

Piccadilly Gardens Metrolink stop, with tram and City Tower in background. This was taken early evening and I like the lighting in the photo.


Feb 12

More Manchester City Centre Architecture, showing some of the old.


Feb 13

More Manchester City Centre Architecture, showing some of the new.


Feb 14

Manchester Urbis, soon to the home of the ‘National Football Museum’, this photo taken a couple of years ago was while ‘Channel M’ was still operating from here.


Feb 15

More architecture, this time in Oldham, this is a view of Hilton Arcade.


Feb 16

I took loads of pictures around the Oldham Loop line around the time of it’s closure – this is one of Shaw Signal box – again now demolished.


Feb 17

This is a close-up of the Sky EPG – just for something a little different (and also as I may use it to illustrate an article I am writing.)


Feb 18

The stained glass roof in the Spindles Shopping Centre Oldham.


Feb 19

Oldham Civic Centre early evening.


Feb 20

A little ‘happy snap’ of slightly amusing boxes – though I’m not sure what sort of cable would be classified of a ‘non technical nature’.


Feb 21

What do you do when you’re in the midst of disassembling a radio studio? Stick funny notes on the lights to change ‘Mic Live’ to ‘Mic Dead’.


Feb 22

One from 2009 on a trip to London, a picture of the London Eye, on a slightly overcast day.


Feb 23

A view of the Houses of Parliament from the London Eye.


Feb 24

As Michael Jackson once sang “I always feel like Somebody’s watchin’ me”…. CCTV camera set against clouds.


Feb 25

Disco lights creating a pattern on a dancefloor – I just think these make for some really nice abstract patterns with the shadow of a solo dancer.


Feb 26

Another dance floor abstract shot.


Feb 27

River at Chadderton Hall Park in springtime – just a nice little composition.


Feb 28

This one didn’t come out quite as good as I’d hoped on phone camera – real reason to take was as a possible illustration.


Feb 29

Finally our leap year bonus… A view of the gardens outside Gallery Oldham.


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