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Bite a discount on your train station coffee

Girl biting credit cardIf you are a regular commuter via mainline train stations in the UK you’ve probably picked up your morning cappuccino or a sneaky pint on the way home and felt the premium prices in the coffee shop or one of the interesting titled “real pubs on stations” make a hole in your wallet.

What would you say if I told you of a not that well publicised way to get a 20% discount on your purchases?

What you need is to get a BiTE card – it’s free – and unlike my vain attempt at finding a illustrative picture above – girl is not included. However also not included is any supermarket loyalty card style tracking of your movements. This is no swipe card – just a piece of card you flash and the nice person behind the till puts through your discount. All they seem to want to know is a few questions of how often you travel and through what stations when you sign up.

Given the pounds I’ve spent at stations over the years I just wish I’d paid more attention to the unassuming little flags stuck on some of the tills sooner.


Photo Credits: “208” by me and the sysop

Updated 27th May 2020 to update broken embedded flickr image

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