Up till now I,ve been not that impressed with the idea of getting an iPad. After all what is it useful for?

Still trying to answer that one but two minutes in the Apple store in Manchester playing with one and I,m hooked by the Apple magic.

I,m writing this post on a iPad in said store and been throughly mesmorised. Even typing on the o screen keyboard is not as bad as I first though (Hopefully there is not too many typos in this to prove the point) althoug not sure if Id managed a long typing session. But that is not the point of the device.

But lets return to the point of do I want one? Well as I look up around the table at the front of this store there are a dozen iPads on disply, with crowds all having fun. But when I look at the price card I can safely say that my credit card will be staying safely in my wallet and saving me the “starting at £429” price on the card in front of me.