This is the next in my ongoing series of posts highlighting some of the many podcasts I regularly listen to, in the hope that maybe the occasional reader will stumble across them and find something interesting. Each week I highlight a current podcast, and also pick out a show from my subscription list that is a podcast no more, has ceased to be, has shuffled off its mortal coil, an ex-podcast!

Current listening

‘Sound Off’ being both the title of this podcast and the name of the Canadian hosts production company is most definitely about ‘sounding off’ with some often forthright views on the audio, radio and broadcasting industry. Part education on the parts of North American broadcasting you don’t often hear about, part fascinating in depth interviews with radio professionals with tips applicable anywhere. But I’ll have to admit to the occasional hitting the fast forward button when the topic gets a bit too sporting, I can do with geeking over strangely fascinating details of “CanCon” regulations (here in the UK regulation by stopwatch is mostly gone thank god), French vs English language divides and crash courses on Canadian geography, but sorry I draw the line at hockey.

PodcastThe Sound Off Podcast
DescriptionThe Sound Off Podcast is a series of interviews and discussions about Broadcasting, podcasting and New Media. Matt Cundill is a 20 year veteran of the radio industry and has worked on air, and as a program director. Matt now works with broadcasters and podcasters to increase their audience and the amount of time engaged on their audio.
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StatusActive – normally weekly

Archive listening

So a little less of of a shoehorn of the title of this post with this one. Live music and even recorded music came to an abrupt silence thanks to the events of 2020. This short series was produced by one of my favourite equipment suppliers Studiospares (do I get a discount on my next order for saying nice things?) From Level 42 to professional voiceovers it featured a series of interesting interviews on how a range of music and audio people were coping with lockdown. Although this is this weeks archive choice, it’s actually worth clicking play on today!

PodcastStudiospares Lockdown Podcast
DescriptionStudiospares is one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of professional audio equipment to trade and end-users. The Studiospares Lockdown Podcast is a series where we chat to musicians, agents, venues and businesses in the music industry and discuss how the current Coronavirus Pandemic is affecting the industry.
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StatusTopical, ceased production

What this space for more in this recommendation list, posted weekly (give or take) on Thursdays!