Now of course you’ll find the standard blurb about me over on my traditionally named about me page but this post dives a little deeper into the topic of my self declared job title.

Phil Edmonds Community Media Technicist Business CardI recently took delivery of some new business cards. These are quite a talking point in themselves being made not from paper but from recycled cotton T-Shirt off cuts. I purchased them from Moo who are purveyors of fine printed materials.* Not be be confused with the Moo organic milkshake people as it might make a bit of a mess if you try and carry a few of the later’s products around in your wallet!

The other talking point is my job title on the card Community Media Technicist. Is that even a thing?

Well yes it is and of course there is a story as to why I have adopted this in preference to alternatives such as Technician or Engineer.

The wiktionary definition is as follows:



technicist (plural technicists)

  1. One skilled in technics or in the practical arts.


The Needles Isle of Wight

As my skill set nicely straggles both engineering and production it seems like the ideal definition of my work. Given that radio is my primary arena of operation the title also gives a nod to the pioneers of radio.

Located off the south coast of England is The Isle of Wight and a famous landmark on the at the far west point of the island is The Needles with it’s well known rock formation and lighthouse. A boat trip or just a walk around the bay to view the coloured sands are popular tourist activities, but for those with an interest in the history of ‘The Wireless’ there is also the easy to miss Marconi Monument.

Marconi MonumentMarconi Monument

The monument includes a plaque (my bold) that reads:

Marconi described The Needles Station as the world’s “First Permanent Wireless Station”

It was erected under his personal supervision by his assistant George Kemp for Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd and was completed on 5th December 1897

Other radio technicists of the company who pioneered here were P.W. Paget – A Gray – G.E. Rickard – W. Densham – F.S. Stacey – P.I Woodward – C.H. Taylor.

The station was dismantled in June 1900

In the intervening hundred and twenty odd years the term technisist may have fallen out of fashion. So in a small way perhaps I can bring it back into vogue or maybe I’ll just fall foul of people thinking I’m a wannabe hipster with my quirky recycled cotton business cards and made up job title.


Photo Credits: “Business Cards”, “The Needles”, “Marconi Monument” by Phil Edmonds

* Disclosure: Link to Moo business cards is an affiliate link.