So it’s half way through 2016 already and things have been rather quiet on publishing anything on this site front.

Now the aim of this blog has never been to make money, indeed it actually costs me a few pennies here and there. I don’t exactly get shed loads of traffic as the topics are fairly niche interest, some extremely so, so we’ll be staying an advert free zone.

I’ve always had a couple of things in mind with this blog, one is to share bits and pieces with people who will hopefully find something interesting or useful. The second is just as an outlet for a few opinion pieces.

So why the lack of posts this year and the hit and miss before that?

Mainly real life getting in the way. With various projects on the go that result in deposits into my bank account – if only the money going back out again didn’t always seems to be at just the same rate! Plus all them normal day to day life things.

Now I can’t complain as ever I’ve been working on a mixed bag of cool things, moving radio stations, various new technical toys, regretting having that bright idea which results in pulling late nights in front of the Adobe Audition mangling gigabytes of audio (at least in the comfort of my home workstation rather than in a dark studio in a cellar with spools of quarter inch and splicing tape) and getting to play with a 2k cinema projector.

So I have hatched a plan for the next six months. Including completing the many half finished draft posts, publishing shed loads of smaller bits and pieces collating various “technical tips”, my photography and resurrecting sharing some of my “audio archive” and video clips and sharing some of the experiences I teased just above.

In a nutshell I’m going to get the ball rolling with a plan of multiple short posts each week and one more in depth opinion piece each month.

With a bit of luck those stumbling on this site might find something useful, which will make it feel worthwhile, plus should I miss the odd post due to real life getting in the way I’ll still have enough other things being posted to look like a regular stream of posts and readers will be none the wiser (as long as they haven’t read this I suppose.)

So I’ll talk to you again tomorrow, either that or I’ll fail and I’ll just say Merry Christmas now……

Photo Credits: “Delay Explanation” by Renato Morbach