The new Wythenshawe Interchange opened yesterday. This is sited between the “Wythenshawe Forum” and the Wythenshawe Civic Centre shops.

I’m in the, possible unique, situation with my Wythenshawe FM “techy hat” on, of having over the past few years on numerous occasions having a birds eye view on the construction work. Here is a photo gallery of “before”, “during” and “almost there” (the “after” no doubt coming sometime in the future) pictures of the development taken from the roof top of the Forum building. (Clue for Wythenshaweiens, look up and spot the “Sky” dish, microwave dish and “halo” FM receive antenna on the Forum Centre for the vantage point – and yes the “selfie” that’s my Twitter and Flickr avatar is me up there, sorry building management I don’t think I included photo taking in Risk Assement/Method Statement….)

These pictures can also be viewed in my Flickr album.

Click on the images below to see a large version.