In my previous blog post, Digital Radio – Clearing the way for radio’s future, we took a trip down memory lane to 1997 and looked at a CD that the BBC produced to explain the new Digital Audio Broadcasting system.

Here’s a walk through the interactive presentation on the disc

The interactive presentation is quite fascinating, however it doesn’t run on modern computers due to being adamant it needs an obsolete version of Apple Quicktime installed. Therefore in order to give you a taste of the interactive content I had to resort to all sorts of convoluted methods including virtual machines, numerous video conversions and all sorts of technical jiggery pokery in order to make the video. Which could make a technical blog post all of it’s own in what I’ve learnt not to do in the future. Eagle eared viewers will notice I had to resort to some serious mangling of the audio track on this video to keep it “almost” in sync with the visuals.

Then just like when you’re waiting ages for a bus, two come along at once, the promised third article on DAB, featuring amongst other things a “pirate” broadcast will be delivered tomorrow.


Photo Credits:
Screen captures from “BBC Digital Radio CD Interactive Presentation” by BBC/Deep End Design