An old tradition in radio circles was “The Christmas Tape”, basically a compilation of the years fowl ups.

Over the past couple of decades I’ve filled many a cassette, CD or hard disc with various blooper reels and funny bits from the world of wireless. So given a spare afternoon this Christmas period I’ve assembled a special 35 minute montage.

“The best variety of swear words from the 70’s to today”

I should note that this audio should be flagged as “not safe for work” – unless of course your work is in radio broadcasting, as you probably use every naughty word in the book on a daily basis, as this presentation proves. However you may wish to avoid playing it in earshot of any “little ones”.

The “tape” contains a selection of bloopers, spoofs and funny bits from the darkest corners of my archive collection.


Below I have noted some of the sources, but unfortunately some will be long lost in the either as just something “I downloaded of the net 15 years ago”.

This Christmas special features 52 embarrassing and at times blue segments.

01 – IRN Xmas Tape Pre announcement
02 – Jim Cutler
03 – Radio Orwell Xmas Tape
04 – Bullshit productions Jingle Demo spoof
05 – TM Productions “Balls” Demo
06 – 5live bloopers
07 – Merica Sound bloopers
08 – Spoof Advert “The World”
09 – Bruno Brooks blooper
10 – Tony Blackburn blooper
11 – Alfasound “Shopping on Four” spoof
12 – The Worst of LBC tape 1970s inc Jon Snow
13 – News bloopers inc: LBC / BBC / Radio One / 5Live / Heat News / Hereward News / Forth 1
14 – Banana Broadcasting Concise news update spoof
15 – Contributor distoring
16 – Merica Advert Outtake
17 – Orwell Advert outtake
18 – Mark Goodier montage
19 – S2Blue/JAM Daryl Denham / TV Offal jingle
20 – “Glasgow Square” Chris Moyles / Jon Wolfort president of JAM / Hirsty’s Morning glory cut
21 – Train announcer spoof
22 – IRN Sport early 2000s montage inc. Jon Anderson / Ken Daley / Andrew Cheal / Elliot Cook
23 – JJ McKay
24 – Alfasound Jingle Outtake
25 – AJ Productions Jingle Outakes
26 – Alfasound Jingle Outtakes
27 – Radio Luxembourg blooper
28 – Sonovox – Q102 Scott Williams caller / Steve England outtake
29 – Casey Kasem outtakes
30 – Chris Tarrent Merica promo outtakes
31 – MFM bloopers – inc Peter Morgan / Glenn Hunt / Mark Rodgers
32 – Metro FM bloopers – David Prever
33 – Country Music Disc spoof advert
34 – Merica and Leicester sound spoof jingles
35 – S2Blue/Jam – TV Offal / Hirty’s Morning glory
36 – Bullshit Productions Spoof Jingle Demos
37 – S2Blue/JAM Daryl Denham Jingles
38 – Unknown – Less Bullshit Jingle
39 – Merica Advert outtakes
40 – “AIDS” advert
41 – Liam O’Toole voiceover outtakes
42 – JJMCKay voiceover outtakes
43 – Afan FM bloopers tape
44 – Bastard Brothers DJ parodies
45 – NHR “The Grot” spoof jingle demo
46 – Tom Binns ‘Ivan Brackenbury’ “Bonkers” Spoof
47 – Orwell, Merica, Kenny Everett Bloopers
48 – Phil Edmonds Latics Live outtakes montage
49 – Unknown “Would you like some fries” Jingle
50 – Bastard Brothers Steve Shite spoof
51 – Copyright announcements Howard Hughes David Lloyd / Bullshit Productions
52 – Howard Hughes (Alfa Jingle Demo)

The majority of the audio was produced by others, only the IRN Sport sequence is something that I knocked together about a decade ago as a result of far too many Saturday afternoons listening to the IRN feeds and just to prove I’m not just laughing at others I have included an example of my inability to record a voicer for a sports report.

Non exclusive list of were the audio contained was acquired via:

Aircheck Downloads
Bob Dinan
Craig Williams
David Lloyd contributors
Jonathan Marks
Liam O’Toole
Mike Smith
Paul Giffiths
Pete Wilson
Phil Edmonds
Radio Fail
Steve England
“The Bastard Brothers”

Please feel free to comment to add any further details of the origins and the names of those featured.