In this edition of my ‘Sound Archive’ feature is an audio clip taken from my vast array of cassettes that I have been slowly digitising.

Some of the pieces I feature will have a reasonably wide appeal, however I will be the first to highlight that this one will be some more specialist interest.

In an attempt to feature something with a vaguely topical link, I notice that news has been that UTV Radio may be looking to sell their portfolio of local radio stations. One of these stations is Wish FM in Wigan.

Here we turn the clock back just under 18 years and feature a clip of their test transmissions a few days before launch.

Yes it’s a very tenuous link to tie into something topical and by way of attempting to increase the interest of this piece beyond the hardcore North West radio enthusiasts perhaps I could highlight it includes a good selection of local radio advertisements nineties style. (As the man says played on this frequency without payment…)

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Photo Credits: “102.4 Wish FM mug (2006)” by Radio Things