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Month: January 2015

BFBS in Catterick in the nineties

This item from my Sound Archive looks at the British Forces Broadcasting Service, otherwise known as BFBS. As well as looking at the history of forces radio, it looks at the first UK barracks to open it’s own radio station.

Community Radio’s impact on the viability of small Commercial Radio licence holders

This weeks DCMS announced relaxation of rules on UK Community Radio income from advertising. I analyse if community radio sales is a threat to commercial radio licence holders.

Sound Archive : Wish FM Test Transmission 26 March 1997

Another in my ‘Sound Archive’ features, possibly of more specialist appeal than some of my other clips. A recording of Wish FM’s test transmission in March 1997 including “sample advertisements broadcast on this frequency without payment.

Radio by numbers

I got asked “Can they get that Capital One?” on that new digital device. In the wake of Bauer Radio’s new ‘brand extensions’ this prompted me to ask “What’s in a radio station name?”

The Best Christmas Tape in the World…Ever (52 of the best Bloopers, spoofs and funny bits)

An old tradition in radio circles was “The Christmas Tape”, basically a compilation of the years fowl ups.

Over the past couple of decades I’ve filled many a cassette, CD or hard disc with various blooper reels and funny bits from the world of wireless. So given a spare afternoon this Christmas period I’ve assembled a special 35 minute montage.

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