Recently the Radio Academy London branch organised an event about radio playlists. Various accounts and the chit chat on twitter suggests it was a very interesting evening.

The headline from the session that hit the mainstream centred around George Ergatoudis’s announcement that streaming plays to be added to the official UK music charts.

Now George is currently the man at the reins of the BBC Radio One music playlist, the man in sat in the same seat at the last great Radio One “repositioning” exercise back in the 90’s was Trevor Dann. Some recent podcasts I’ve heard suggests that Trevor’s a fan of the sounds of rock-come-jazz drummer Ginger Baker, but back in the heady Brit Pop era such ageing rockers would surely be the type of disc Dann would be dooming to a fate of the skip never to grace the decks of a Radio One studio.

In this 1996 feature on Radio 4’s Mediumwave programme (the ‘Media Show’ of it’s day) we listen to James H Reeve as he investigates the world of the radio playlist, talking to Trevor Dann and Mark Radcliffe (Radio One), Henry Owens (Atlantic 252) and Dylan White (Anglo Plugging).


This is edition five of my sound archive posts.


Photo Credits: “September 27” by Phil Edmonds

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