Queen'sHere’s one I wish I’d spotted in my archive at the height of the royal prank call scandal.

No doubt in time 2012’s scandal will be forgotten. Just as back in 1995, the year I’ll remember on the news front as the year the media went all out on that vital world issue Blur or Oasis, I’d all but forgotten the international headlines when plucky Canadian jock Pierre Brassard aimed right to the top.

Forget Penk pranking Prime minister Tony Blair, which you may be forgiven for given that wasn’t it Culshaw rather than Penk at the helm of this one. A couple of years earlier our man Brassard not content with prank calling the head of the catholic church, thought that surely head of the commonwealth would be fair game.

The tabloids loved it and good old auntie got her proverbial knickers in a twist, here’s BBC Radio 4’s Medium Wave programme discussing it, alongside a IRN bulletin extract.

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This is edition four of my sound archive posts.


Photo Credits: “Queen’s” by Marilyn M