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Month: January 2014

One is not to be prank called

Here’s one I wish I’d spotted in my archive at the height of the royal prank call scandal. No doubt…

Penky waking the capital in 1997

Hot on the tails of last weeks mention of a certain Steve Penk, I was listening through a few old…

What ever happened to the jocks with “The Best Variety of Weather”

This week’s delve into the audio archive, while taking us back to the 1990’s is inspired by topical events. Those…

DAB my radio? Did I spill something on it?

Turn the clock back to 1995 if you where listening to BBC Radio 4, then your choices to tune into would be FM or AM. Until those clever engineering types at the BBC turned on some new fangled box of tricks called ‘DAB Transmitters’.

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