Well I’ve failed miserably on the doing these every couple of week haven’t I as we go head first into March, so here’s a few ‘links and bits’ to cover the last couple of months:

Things I’ve been reading worth sharing:

Steve Conway on HMV entering administration I went into the HMV ‘Closing Down Sale’ in the Manchester Market Street branch the other day. Discounts haven’t get reached the “clear the shelves at any cost” stage. When Wollies closed I came out of the local store with about fifty discs for a tenner.

Stacks of stuff over on John Myers Blog – I tend to do my blog reading via Google Reader on my phone, and somewhere down the line John had changed his website, so the RSS feed I was subscribed to stopped working. If you don’t read John’s blog it’s worth a read.

David Lloyd’s Commercial Radio. How it might have been.

Christopher England A radio station for life


Things I’ve watched:

In a bid to free up some space on the PVR I’ve been doing some sessions of watching back to back episodes of Big Bang Theory. That series link function is dangerous. I’m currently half way through season one, having completed the later seasons. What is quite interesting to observe is how much has changed and how much is the same since 2007. Much of the action could have been set today, apart from odd “dated” line like when Sheldon proclaims how many friends he’s got on Myspace.

One thing that I have only just spotted is Chuck Lorre’s use of the so called Vanity Card‘s at the end of each episode. It turns out he’s got them all on his website, starting with this one in Episode one. However just because they are on-line, I refuse to click to far through the links on his site, as will spoil the fun of hitting pause on the TiVo (note to E4 please don’t squash the credits to half frame!)


Things I’ve listened to:

Radio 4 Media Show 27th February.  Notable not only as Steve Hewlett managed to get through a show without using the phrase “briefly if you can” but for an interesting debate about BBC3’s “People Like Us” series set in Manchester’s Harpurhey district. Must admit having not watched the TV programme so will refrain from passing comment on the actual show. The Radio 4 programme did echo some quite interesting points made in the recent BBC College of Production Podcast entitled “staying on air” which covered the tricky issue of getting contributor consent.


My final listen to item has been one of the “id’ing” a piece of music that has eluded me for years, and one where the answer was no further than seconds away with the power of Google, Wikipedia or YouTube.

It was only due to a tweet from Tameside Radio that hit my timeline yesterday that solved it


The piece was used as the theme tune to The Hit Man and Her many years ago as well as as incidental music by various radio DJ’s over the years.
Here it is from YouTube:

I’m not quite old enough to have watched The Hit Man and Her when it was on late night tv, but was aware if the connection with the tune, funny how I’d never thought to search the internet for ‘Hit Man and Her Theme tune’ sooner…


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