Fireworks 6Lets start with the formalities and wish you all the best for the 2012, if you’re watching this site like an hawk then you should read this just in time for the New Year in the UK (please provide your own Auld Lang Syne music, but you can have the fireworks display above.) If you happen to reading this in the middle of July in which case ignore this first paragraph.

I titled this ‘Things have changed around here’ as I’ve taken the opportunity of the Christmas break to make a few tweaks to this website. Most of this has taken the form of me twiddling with the code in the background, learning all about child themes in WordPress and their pitfalls, so there’s only a few things you’ll notice as an end user which I highlight below.

The main idea is when accessing the site via your desktop to use front page to highlight some of the more ‘in depth’ pieces that I’ve written, allowing the other bits to be a little less ‘in your face’.

What is new if you access the site via a mobile phone browser you should see a ‘iOS app style’ interface which lists all the blog posts in a more mobile friendly style.

Naturally if you read my content via the RSS feed in something such as Google Reader you’ll continue to just get my new blog posts as they are posted. Talking of google in the main desktop version of the post pages there is now Google+1 buttons as well as Tweet buttons.

Finally to note in my introduction to 2012, back in 2010 I did a ‘Photo 365’ experiment, where I took a picture everyday and published it on Flickr – where I failed miserably part way through the year. In 2012 I’m going to repeat the exercise, with a twist of just posting a new picture everyday, which could be contemporary or from my personal photo archives of pictures I’ve taken over the past few years.


Photo Credits: “Fireworks 6” by Phil Edmonds