I got sent an invite to google+ the other day. As everyone is raving how good it is, I thought at least I should check it out (even if I don’t go onto use it very much).

So clickly click on the e-mail link and get asked to sign into my google account and….

So I can’t use Google+ without a  Google profile, but ‘my organisation’ doesn’t allow me to have a profile…… as I’m the admin I didn’t know I was stopping myself having a Google profile.

A little searching later shows multiple results such as this, showing that I’m not the only one encountering this. I have a Google Apps account and I can’t have a Google Profile with this, therefore I can’t join google+ (or at least I’ll have to set-up a new google account to use google+) This comes just weeks after I finally merged my ‘personal’ google account with my google apps account with the same e-mail address with all sorts of fun and games.

So  it’s back to the drawing board before I can create my “circles” and “hangout” with people….

Photo Credits: “Google+ Screen Capture” by Phil Edmonds/Google