No it’s not yet another new station from the nice people at Absolute Radio, rather this is a posting about a new software firmware update recently pushed to Pure’s ‘flow’ family of internet enabled radios, such as the one pictured above courtesy of James Cridland.

Earlier in the week I was listening to our Pure Siesta Flow, their rather niffty ‘alarm clock’ style Internet/DAB/FM combo.

As I came to switch off the internet channel I was listening to I saw it was asking if I wanted to update the software, so pressed ‘yes’ radio went quiet and I left it to do it’s business.

About fifteen minutes later I came back in the room and noticed that it had switched on again. Then a song or two later got a surprise ‘Absolute Radio’ ident -I assume that the radio had switched to the first station in the directory, rather than my previous station (I’ve not even got absolute in my presets/ favourites or whatever it’s called.)

Maybe I should I go off to set up “AAAAAAAAAARadio” internet radio service and get it listed in ‘The Lounge’ to grab all the unsuspecting listeners.

Of a more interesting note than firmware update unexpected issues, I’m assuming this update is to support Pure’s new music identification service, which once I’ve had a play I *may* get round to writing a blog post about my experiences.

Photo Credits: “Pure Evoke Flow” by James Cridland / Pure