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Microsoft Security Essentials exclude network paths from real time scan

My first real “Tuesday Technical Tip”:

I’m currently using Microsoft Security Essentials on some machines on one site, with quite favourable results so far.

From the GUI there is no way to exclude network paths from real time scanning. On these machines I want to exclude certain network files which hold my playout system audio and databases.

The answer lies on this Microsoft page

You can do this via the registry, by editing this registry key :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware\Exclusions\Paths

Right click > New DWord value

Set the value to be 0
Set the name to be the share you are trying to exclude.

\\server\share : 0

Also here you’ll find the file type exclusions. I set up exclusions as per my playout system vendors recommendations.

The Microsoft page states you may have to change the permissions on the key by taking the ownership of the key from advanced tab and give write permissions to yourself.

This appears true – I exported the relevant keys to a reg file to import into other workstations, but had to first use regedit to edit the permissions to give me write access.


Page edited 2nd June 2020 to replace dead link to version (note the whole content of this post from 2010 is likely obsolete – use the information at your own discretion.)

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