So what to do with this website after much server and configuration tweaks to make the site run smooth, while all the time the reader get a promise of great things to come.

First question to ask is what are my aims of running this as a blog site?

One is definitely a technical exercise, slightly inspired by panellist Dr Ron from a tech podcast I regularly listen to. I want to learn more about the WordPress platform in a non mission critical situation. Unless I suddenly get a unexpected cult following I’m not going to lose sleep at night if I break this site conducting a ‘science experiment’ as Dr Ron might describe it.

Second is as a platform to share various things on my mind – things that I’d probably not go to the effort of making a traditional web page about. My site suffers from minimal updates, and I want to focus that site more on static information, particularly focusing on some archive materials, as historic information is what is mainly on that site.

What about topics to post about?

A blog I read often is that of the self proclaimed ‘radio futurologist’ James Cridland, mainly because of the prime subject, radio and the internet is of particular interest to me. He also used to post about beer but then decided to move this into another site, as not to dilute the credibility of his main blog.

This moving of the beer posts is a shame. Now I am more than happy to consume a pint of cheap and cheerful Moss Side’s finest Amber Necter*, despite sporting a beard you won’t find me carrying a CAMRA membership card, but given the right time and place I quite enjoy sampling something different. I enjoyed reading James’ beer postings once in a while when they came as an unexpected extra, but I never bother going off and reading his dedicated beer blog.

So focusing on just one topic is not something that I’m worried about, so varied subjects are fine by me.

So what topics will I post on?

Radio and radio technology on a grass roots level is an obvious one. Though I can’t promise the great insights of Mr Cridland and the quality writing and analysis of the likes of Paul Easton.

IT. I’m for ever amassing little tricks and tips as I deal with many and varied computing systems, it’ll be good for myself to keep a note of useful things. For issues where “someone else” hasn’t had exactly the same problem putting it online for the benefit of others can only be a good thing to do.

Finally I am, rather slowly, going through my years of collected recordings and other radio stuff from my “anorak” collection. I’m pondering on how best to publish some of this on-line. There’s certainly pros for publishing this via a blog for the benefit of interested parties who want to follow via an RSS feed. However if this fits in better on a separate site I’m unsure. So jury is out on this one for now.

*This being my standing comment that round these parts “Australia’s Famous Beer” (their slogan not mine) Fosters is actually “brewed in the EU” – most likely at the Scottish & Newcastle brewery in downtown Manchester.


Updated 27th May 2020 replacing dead links with links